Organic Waste Collection Fees

3F Waste Recovery is paying a negative tipping fee and a collection vat rental fee to assist residential and business people with their organic waste disposal challenges. We are currently seeking:

  • up to 10,000LB of fish waste (heads, backbones, gut)
  • up to 15,000LB of beach kelp
  • up to 15,000LB of manure (sheep, cow preferred)
  • up to 10,000LB of lobster/crab/shrimp shell waste
  • up to 25,000LB of sawdust

Residential Organic Waste: We Pay You!

Instead of paying to dispose of your waste like at a traditional landfill, 3F pays you or your business a negative tipping fee OR vat rental fee for selected organic waste materials.

What is a Negative Tipping Fee?

Just like you pay the landfill a tipping fee to dispose of your waste, 3F has a tipping fee – it just happens to be NEGATIVE, which means we pay you to bring us your organic waste!

Our tipping fees are:

  • Groundfish and pelagic fish waste: -0.10/LB – minimum 10LB (-$1 fee)
  • Beach kelp: -0.08/LB – minimum 25LB (-$2 fee)
  • Crab/Shrimp/Lobster/Whelk/Mussel/Scallop shells: -0.06/LB – minimum 25LB (-$1.50 fee)
  • Sawdust and Manure: -0.03/LB – minimum 50LB (-$1.50 fee)

What is a (Commercial) Vat Rental Fee?

We all know that commercial storage vats are expensive to buy! So if you allow 3F to use your vat/container, we will come pick up your vat with the agreement that your company will rent the usage of that vat based on the volume of waste in it (in LBs). Our fixed vat rental rates are:

  • Groundfish and pelagic fish waste: -0.08/LB – minimum 500LB (-$40 fee)
  • Crab/Shrimp/Lobster/Whelk/Mussel/Scallop shells: -0.045/LB – minimum 500LB (-$22.50 fee)
  • Sawdust and Manure: -0.015/LB – minimum 2200LB (-$33 fee)

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