Zero Waste Farms

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In an era of sustainability, zero waste is simply the right way to do business. Making the most of what the land and sea gives us. And sharing that bounty with the world.

In an era of sustainability, zero waste is simply the right way to do business. Making the most of what the land and sea gives us. And sharing that bounty with the world.

Zero Waste Farms is committed to making high-value products from the agricultural and livestock by-products generated by farmers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

There’s gold in the by-products of farming. Once fully operational, we’ll take sheep, moose, and other organic farm by-products and make amazing natural products like 100% pure moose and sheep soap, lanolin plus all natural pet treats and beds.

We are currently focused on developing our fish compost and animal bone product line. Our production facility located just outside of Hawke’s Bay, NL on the Great Northern Peninsula will divert more than 200 metric tons of farm waste into high value products in 2021!

Newfoundland Sheep

Farming in Newfoundland

Zero Waste


Now Available
Smoked moose bone pet treats
Smoked moose jerky pet treats
Beef and moose tallow
Moose tallow soaps

Coming June 2021
Nan’s Seacret 100% NL Fish compost
100% NL sheep wool-filled pillows and beds

Coming October 2021
100% NL Sheep wool insulation/batts
Moose & cow tallow for soap and candle making
Bonemeal (from sheep, cow, moose)

Coming December 2021
Lanolin wool wax grease natural water repellant and lubricant


Zero Waste Farms was formed in partnership between 3F and Mike’s Farm of Hawke’s Bay. The aim is to help local farmers repurpose the waste from their farms and supply the local cosmetic, soap and candle artisans of NL and their existing products and markets with natural and sustainable ingredients like lanolin and tallow.




Are you in the fishery, farming and agriculture or forestry industries? Looking for ways to turn your waste expense into a revenue stream? We want to hear from you! We are actively seeking to build a suppliers network for:

• shrimp, crab and lobster shells
• Sheep manure, bone and wool
• Cow bone
• Moose bone and moose neck meat




Are you looking for high returns from sustainable (green) food and cosmetics companies? Do you want to participate in revolutionizing the northern agriculture? We want to speak with you! Let’s talk and see how we can collaborate to deliver accelerated growth and returns.

• We have 33%-90% grant funding available for all of our R&D projects
• An extensive NL network of hundreds of sector experts and decision makers in academia, government, and lending agencies actively supportive of 3F
• We recently submitted our 3-phase / 3-round grant and financing applications to federal and provincial government lenders totaling $8,950,000 in projects
• An opportunity to turn your private investment dollar into 10 to 66 cent dollars




Are you engaged in growing your firm or agencies lending portfolio in ocean, green or clean technologies, agriculture or fisheries? We are actively seeking long term relationships with lending partners to finance on-going R&D and acquisition of processing equipment to perform value-added refining to our extracted products.