3F Waste Recovery is dedicated to helping farmers, food and seafood processors unlock the full potential of their harvest, delivering comprehensive solutions that encompass technology development, brand enhancement, and expanding into valuable markets for food by-products.


Newfoundland & Labrador’s fish, farm, and forest industries all generate waste, commonly known as by-products.  Unfortunately, much of this waste goes to landfills or is dumped back into the sea or forest.  Thankfully, there are more sustainable solutions.

At 3F, we repurpose these by-products by using both traditional and innovative manufacturing solutions.  We transform typical waste such as shells, fins, bones, and skins of locally sourced fish and shellfish into high-value ingredients.  These ingredients are utilized in products ranging from vitamins and supplements to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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Our expertise lies in providing clean biotechnologies that enable the creation of high-value ingredients and products in the fields of nutrition, cosmetics, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

Through our services, we strive to drive sustainability, profitability, and innovation within the food processing industry, while creating jobs in communities that need it.  We ensure that no valuable resource goes to waste and hold true to our philosophy that doing good is good business.


We provide technical project management and consulting services to farmers, fish harvesters, food and seafood processors, health and nutrition technology owners, brands and retailers.

We’re experts at analyzing your business and applying the missing puzzle pieces that create solutions for supply, capacity, technology, or market success.


We help food processors, human or pet health product suppliers, and human or pet health product retailers discover opportunities through developing compelling brands, market research, strategic planning, branding, design, and more.

Developing Supply
and Capacity

We facilitate the development of supply and capacity for processors who want to repurpose by-products into high quality, sustainable nutritional products for pet and human health brands, or customers looking for more supply to grow their sales, or start their own retail private label brand.

Developing and Licencing

We develop and licence technology that transforms seafood, farm, or agricultural by-products into bio-ingredients and natural products to be used in cosmetic, medical, and pharmaceutical applications for pets and people.  We are actively seeking food and pet nutrition, cosmetic, medical device, bio-textile and pharmaceutical technology owners looking for reliable supplies of clean collagens designed to specification.