United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our Top Priorities at 3F

Building a sustainable and just future is a common goal which must be embraced by governments, individuals and industries to be successful. As an industry innovator and leader, 3F Waste Recovery strongly adheres to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. After analyzing all 17 SDGs and 169 sub-categories, we have identified three core goals which most strongly align with our values, and list them below as well as how we are working to meet them.

SDG Goal #9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We are bringing new techniques to the fisheries, farming and forestry industries, helping dispel old traditions and bring about a new economic model through a circular and ‘by-product first’ economy. We are also exporting our business model across Atlantic Canada and beyond, helping set up the first Canadian-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce. As our work expands, so too will its impact on communities across the globe.

SDG Goal #12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Our work is ensuring far more value can be generated from natural resources, thereby allowing them to be used far more efficiently and sustainably. Starting in fisheries, we are expanding this work to farms and forestries as well. In all our products, we strive to use few (if any) artificial ingredients to further limit our resource usage.

SDG Goal #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities 

Our efforts intend to greatly increase the sustainability of communities in Newfoundland and elsewhere by expanding natural resource applications. The economic model we are building also provides stable, year-round jobs paying a living wage, enabling communities of all sizes to grow in a rapidly changing world. 

In summary, 3F Waste Recovery is working on innovation, on land and underwater, to enable responsible consumption and production that sustains communities through inclusivity, pride in work, economic growth and interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder partnerships.